Refund Policy

We apply following refund policy for your all orders. make sure you are going to request any refund based on the terms below. we are receiving payment via 3rd party. beware, you are not going to place any dispute after making payment.

All kind of refund sends/issued to your buyaccountsbulk account fund only. we do not refund via payment processor like PayPal or bitcoin etc. make sure you understand agree with our refund policy before placing an order. refund amount can be used for any further purchase or withdraw via wallet cashout only. this is very important.

  • Your payment is authorized status and not received yet before delivery.
  • Refund request processed automatically upon payment method expiry. ex. paypal expire in 3o days.
  • Refund issued within 3-7 working days. (our working days is Monday to Friday) US Standard Time.
  • Valid delivered product/service is not refundable.
  • You can request for a replacement for specific order only.
  • Preloaded card service is not refundable. in some case, we refund 50 % (contact us)
  • Processing fees are not refundable for any order.
  • Refund issued based on order type and only after checking the delivery details.
  • Wallet fund cannot be reversed if you send someone, even it mistake by you.
  • Withdraw fund from your wallet is final and cannot be reversed.
  • Wallet related transaction fees/processing cost is non-refundable.
  • Any refund always to be sent to your buyaccountsbulk account fund.

For any complex matter please contact with us. if you dispute any transaction without contacting us you will be banned forever from see our terms & condition for more details.